Thursday, July 13, 2017


Since the movie is only in week 3 of release, I don't want to post all the alternate sequences and things just yet.  I figure, let people see how the film turned out and then I'll have endless posts to make that show how things evolved over production, which is always interesting to see, even for me.

This post is for the end credit sequence of the film.  It was another assignment that was wide open for ideas and brainstorming.  The launch was to do a Mad Magazine, Spy vs. Spy type battle between Gru and Dru.

I loved Mad Magazine as a kid so this was a blast.  What's great too about Spy vs. Spy, if you're not familiar with the strip, is that it's totally visual, no dialogue, which is a fun challenge in itself.  So often sequences are all about the talking and exposition, so this was just pure visual madness.

To my surprise when I saw the finished film, this end credit sequence was all rendered in stunning
2-D hand drawn animation!

They ended up using a bunch of the ideas I came up with or variations on them as well as going with a simple monochromatic color styling I'd suggested in my boards as well.

Very happy with the whole experience, but the best compliment may have been when Kyle, one of my directors emailed me to ask me to create some additional beats for this sequence, because he heard Pierre, the other director and the editor laughing out loud as they cut these first bits together in editorial.

That's the best reaction you can get!


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